A story from “Dressing” by Michael DeForge


By now the most of you will know Michael DeForge, the prolific Canadian cartoonist author of webcomics, mini-comics, anthologies, graphic novels and of his one-man series Lose. If we can consider the same Lose, of which the book A Body Beneath collects issues from 2 to 5, and Ant Colony, an on-line comic published from Drawn and Quarterly in a stylish hardcover book, as his most important outcomes at the moment, DeForge has an high-standard even in the short stories created for the most diverse publications. Some of these comics will be published next September in a new anthology for Koyama Press, Dressing, similar to Very Casual from 2013 and from which this Christmas Dinner is excerpted. The combination between colorful drawings and raw situations is pure DeForge, giving at the story his typical mix of irony and cruelty.

If you still don’t know DeForge’s work, I talked briefly about Lose #5, Very Casual and Lose #6, but for a deep and detailed analysis of his opus you can check out this long piece by Rob Clough at High-Low. Enjoy the reading.


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