“Art Comic” by Matthew Thurber

“Is it possible to become a great artist without turning into an asshole?”. “Art Comic”, the new book by Matthew Thurber published by Drawn & Quarterly, answers to this and other serious questions making us laugh at almost every page

An interview with Conor Stechschulte

The author of “The Amateurs” and “Generous Bosom” talks to Just Indie Comics about creative process, mystery, dreams and much more on the occasion of his exhibition “Il peso dell’acqua”, open from the next 24th November for BilBOlbul festival in Bologna

10 debut books from SPX 2017

A top ten of the most anticipated books of Small Press Expo 2017, with comics by Benjamin Marra, Connor Willumsen, Juliacks, Michiel Budel, a new anthology from Fantagraphics, a collection of strips and illustration by Shaky Kane, and much more

PopOok! An interview with Hamo Bahnam

The publisher and editor Hamo Bahnam talks about “PopOok!”, a Los Angeles-based zine combining the aesthetics of the underground comics with the joy of printmaking and the music of little-known experimental rock bands

Preview of “Tales from the Hyperverse”

“Tales from the Hyperverse” is the new collection of short comics by William Cardini. The anthology is part of Retrofit Comics Spring Kickstarter, which includes books by Yuichi Yokoyama, Tara Booth, Zach Hazard Vaupen, Laura Ķeniņš and Warren Craghead III

“Vortex” and “Love Nest” by Charles Burns

Both published in November 2016 by Cornelius for an exhibition at Galerie Martel in Paris, “Vortex” and “Love Nest” are the latest books from Charles Burns, two new trips in the fascinating art of the author of “Black Hole” and “Last Look” trilogy

Three comics by Anna Krztoń

A new life in another city, early mornings in hotels, a dream party: Just Indie Comics presents three stories by Polish cartoonist Anna Krztoń, who has published her comics in magazines as “Stripburger”, “Ink Brick”, “Dirty Diamonds”, “C’est Bon”

Minicomic of the Month Club 2017

The fifth edition of this annual subscription service has been launched this month. Registrations are open until the end of January to get 12 mini-comics by Australian artists, starting from Eleri Harris, best known for her work on “The Nib”

“If I was a Suffering Soul” by Jim Pluk

The Colombian cartoonist Jim Pluk is coming in Europe to launch his book “Canosa’s Welcome” and to exhibit his paintings and drawings. In the meantime this is one of his comics, published with the original title “Si fuera un alma en pena” by Calipso Press

Best 16 comics of 2016

The best graphic novels, comic books, anthologies and reprints published last year. A list including American and European books, as “Puke Force” by Brian Chippendale, “Soft City” by Pushwagner, “Amore di lontano” by Martoz and many others