“The Meeting” by Andrea Chronopoulos

the meeting 1b_800

When I read The Meeting in its very limited comic book edition published by Studio Pilar, I was stunned, because this is a comic that shows all the features of the perfect short story, with a well-structured plot, a visionary interlude, and a sharp ending. Furthermore, the minimal drawing style is perfect to tell a story that is ironic but also suffused with a Seventies feeling, made of conspiracy theories, obsessions and paranoia. And then there is Richard Nixon in it, could you ask for more?

Andrea Chronopoulos is a freelance illustrator born in 1990 in Athens. He moved to Rome to study illustration and animation and became a founding member of Studio Pilar, a collective of illustrators, a self-publishing label and now also a bookshop. He recently collaborated to the anthology Cocktails After-Dinner. Enjoy the reading.


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