Three comics by Anna Krztoń

(Italian text)

Anna Krztoń is a cartoonist and illustrator based in Warsaw, Poland, where she published various mini-comics by herself or with some local projects. She is also known outside her country for collaborations with international magazines and anthologies, such as Ink Brick, Dirty Diamonds, C’est Bon, Stripburger, Tieten Met Haar, Kuti Kuti, SW/ON. She’s currently working on her first graphic novel, which will be published by Wydawnictwo Komiksowe in 2018.

These three stories depict only some of the many nuances of her cartooning, starting with the realism we find both in Constant Sorrow and Early Mornings, similar for mood and topic to First Weeks, a self-published mini-comic I briefly reviewed in this Misunderstanding Comics episode (only in Italian, sorry). Room of My Own is instead a different work, less narrative and more impressionistic, an example of a dreamy mood, abstract and naive, that is an essential feature of Krztoń’s comics.

If you want to find more about Anna, you can have a look at her website. And some copies of First Weeks are available in the Just Indie Comics shop. For now, have a good read.CS 01

CS 02

CS 03

EM 01

EM 02

EM 03

EM 04

EM 05





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