“In the Garden of Evil”: a preview

In the Garden of Evil

For the eight issue of Mon Lapin, the magazine published in France by L’Association, Patrice Killoffer summoned cartoonists as Philippe Druillet, Ludovic Debeurme, Lorenzo Mattotti and many others, creating a series of collaborative drawings, whose originals were exposed at the end of last year at the Galerie Anne Barrault in Paris. The wood was the theme of these works, so it was quite obvious that Killoffer had to call Charles Burns to start a fruitful collaboration. The works by Burns and Killoffer were inspired to the Garden of Eden and now they’re reprinted in a collection by Alvin Buenaventura’s Pigeon Press. In the Garden of Evil will be a hand-bound, 28-page, 7.25 x 7.25 art book, published in 1000 numbered and signed copies including a 7″ flexidisc by Will Oldham. The book will debut at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival next 9 and 10 May, at the presence of the two authors. After the show, Buenaventura will sell on line 200 of the 1000 copies, at a still unknown price.

At the moment the only official image released by Pigeon Press is the one above, but I think we’ll find in the book all the drawings from Mon Lapin, including the ones exposed at the Galerie Barrault (you can see them in this report posted on Le Blog de Shige) and these below.

Killoffer 1Killoffer 2killoffer 3

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