“Kramers Ergot” #9 is coming

Kramers Ergot 9

After the publication of the eighth issue of Kramers Ergot in 2011 for Picture Box, in June of 2012 the editor Sammy Harkham announced with a tweet to be already working to a new issue, describing it as “350 pages of wicked wanda and Ian Svenonius essays” (Svenonius, better known as the frontman of The Nation of Ulysses and The Make-Up, had already contributed to issue 8 with the essay Notes on Camp, part 2). Since then Picture Box closed, Harkham published the fourth issue of Crickets and there wasn’t any news about Kramers Ergot. At least until today, when this cover (by John Pham, I guess) showed up on Amazon, with the pre-order of the ninth issue of this essential anthology. The new publisher will be Fantagraphics, the expected release date is next March 18th and the pages are 250 (and not 350), with comics and illustrations by Michael DeForge, Noel Freibert, Steve Weissman, Anya Davidson, Stefan Marx, Abraham Diaz, Leon Sadler, Julia Gfrörer, Adam Buttrick, Kim Deitch, Ben Jones, Andy Burkholder, Antony Huchette, Trevor Alixopulos, Antoine Cossé, Archer Prewitt, Kevin Huizenga, Renée French and others to be announced.

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