“Irene” #6 preview


The newest issue of Irene anthology will debut this weekend at Small Press Expo in Bethesda, Maryland. This is undoubtedly the biggest Irene yet, with 216 pages and contributors based in every continent on the planet Earth, even Antarctica. Contributors include: Marc Bell, Lucy Bellwood, Nick Cartwright, Marta Chudolinska, d.w., Jai Granofsky, Leif Goldberg, Luke Howard, Ben Juers, Sean Knickerbocker, Dakota McFadzean, Lena Merhej, No Tan Parecidos, Carolyn Nowak, Katie Parrish, Ben Passmore, Jackie Roche, Shennawy, Frøydis Sollid Simonsen, Kevin Uehlein, Tillie Walden, Andy Warner, and Natsuko Yoshino. Irene is edited by Andy Warner, dw, and Dakota McFadzean. When I reviewed the third and the fourth issue of this comics and art anthology I defined it as one of the best publications in the North-American indie comics scene, so I’m really looking forward to read the new book. For now you can take a look at some preview pics below and pre-order Irene #6 here.

Andy Warner

Ben Juers

Ben Passmore

Carolyn Nowack

Dakota McFadzean


Frøydis Sollid Simonsen

Jackie Roche


Jai Granofsky

Katie Parrish

Kevin Uehlein

Leif Goldberg

Lena Merhej

Lucy Bellwood

Luke Howard

Marta Chudolinska

Marc Bell

Natsuko Yoshino

Nick Cartwright


No Tan Parecidos


Sean Knickerbocker



Tillie Walden

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