Five pages from “UDWFG” #3

A preview of the upcoming “Under Dark Weird Fantasy Grounds” #3, the anthology made in Hollow Press with the comics by Mat Brinkman, Miguel Angel Martin, Tetsunori Tawaraya, Ratigher and Paolo Massagli

“From Now On” with Malachi Ward

Malachi Ward, the creator of “Ritual” and of some stories for Brandon Graham’s “Prophet”, talks about sci-fi, nigthmares, creative process and his future projects. This interview is also an occasion to present “From Now On”, a collection of short stories coming in June from Alternative Comics

First look at “Frontier” #8 by Anna Deflorian

Two women, a man, the gym, a lost phone: a preview of “Faith in Strangers”, an Anna Deflorian’s comic for the eight issue of “Frontier”, the monographic anthology published in San Francisco by Youth In Decline

An evening with Charles Burns

On Thursday 19 March Giufà Bookshop in Rome hosted a panel with Charles Burns. Black Hole‘s creator came to Italy to accompany his wife, artist and painting teacher Susan Moore, just as he did in the Eighties, when the couple spent a few years in Italy and Burns joined the Valvoline…

Herb Trimpe’s last great comic

Herb Trimpe was one of the most important artists at Marvel Comics in the ’70s, mostly known for his work on the series The Incredible Hulk. Trimpe died on April 13, 2015, after completing a story for All Time Comics, a new line of books created by New York-based cartoonist Josh Bayer, editor of Suspect…

In the Hollow with Michele Nitri

In this English translation of an article already published on the Italian website Fumettologica, Matteo Stefanelli interviews Michele Nitri of Hollow Press, talking about “Under Dark Weird Fantasy Grounds” anthology, Mat Brinkman, Paolo Bacilieri, the small press scene and the underground

“Salz and Pfeffer” by Émilie Gleason, a preview

Pfeffer is a tidy and respectable man who dreams of becoming a children’s illustrator. One night he is abducted by three aliens looking as evil versions of Mickey Mouse. A preview of “Salz and Pfeffer”, a violent, ironic, surreal book by Émilie Gleason

Two comics by Nina Van Denbempt

Lyricism, irony, the triviality of everyday life and a totalitarian future in “It is not out of the ordinary to dance to jazz music anymore” and “Runbeast & Lola in Technoland” by Belgian artist Nina Van Denbempt

“In the Garden of Evil”: a preview

For the eight issue of Mon Lapin, the magazine published in France by L’Association, Patrice Killoffer summoned cartoonists as Philippe Druillet, Ludovic Debeurme, Lorenzo Mattotti and many others, creating a series of collaborative drawings, whose originals were exposed at the end of last year at the Galerie Anne Barrault in Paris. The wood…

Portuguese comics: š! #20

Assembled by David Schilter and Sanita Muižniece with the help of guest editor Marcos Farrajota of Portuguese collective Chili Com Carne, the 20th issue of Latvian anthology š! collects comics about disquiet, a theme taken after the Livro do Desassossego by Fernando Pessoa. It’s interesting how every issue of š! can remember us what…