“Suicida” #1 by Abraham Diaz

Voyeurism, sadism, masochism, self-mutilation, death, murder, suicide, gratuitous violence, sex, masturbation, TV addiction and urban decay in “Suicida” #1, the solo debut by Mexican cartoonist Abraham Diaz

Comic shops of the world: The Beguiling

One day at “The Beguiling”, one of the most important comic shops in the world. A report with a lot of pictures, including rare books by Charles Burns and Adrian Tomine, comics from the golden age of the underground and some original artworks

“š!” #24 + “mini kuš!” #38-42

A look at “Urban Jungle”, the 24th issue of the Latvian anthology “š!”, and at the latest five “mini-kuš!”: “Three Sisters” by Ingrīda Pičukāne, “Unwell” by Tara Booth, “1944” by Hanneriina Moisseinen, “EYEZ” by Aisha Franz and “Alien Beings” by Laura Ķeniņš

“Drift” by Serena Schinaia

Serena Schinaia is an Italian artist who recently created the comic book “Ceniza/Cenere” for Ediciones Valientes. Now you can read two of her short stories, “Collapse” and “Smoke”, originally self-published in the “Drift” mini-comic

“Fobo” by Gabriel Delmas

“Fobo is a metaphor for the madness of love, a song of chemical imbalance, a poem to all those who would seek and a lament for those who find”. Weedzie Kalashnicock reviews “Fobo”, the latest book by Gabriel Delmas, published by Hollow Press

An afternoon with Steven Gilbert

Just Indie Comics went to Newmarket, Ontario, to interview Steven Gilbert, the creator of “Colville” and “The Journal of the Main Street Secret Lodge”

Pics & Words from CAKE 2016

Corinne Halbert, one of CAKE coordinators, reports from the 5th installment of the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo. The highlights of the show and a lot of photos of people, table and comics

“The Dim Reverberation of the Chaosholder”

A review of the first chapter of “The Dim Reverberation of the Chaosholder” by Arallū, published by Italian Hollow Press. Follow the journey of the Obsidian Golem in the dark and disturbing world of an indefinite dungeon, where the passage of time is measured with the regenerations of wounds and violence is the only universal language

“The Social Discipline Reader” by Ian Sundahl

Review of the most recent release of the Brooklyn-based Domino Books, which collects the best of the fanzine “Social Discipline” by Ian Sundahl. Inside dense stories of outsiders, prostitutes and misfits, told with the spontaneity of a raw and cliché-free line


A review of “Dôme”, an anthology printed in risograph by Lagon and Breakdown Press during the latest Angoulême festival, with contributions by Olivier Schrauwen, Dash Shaw, Lando, Antoine Cossé, Sammy Stein, Simon Hanselmann, Michael DeForge and others