“The Best American Comics 2015”

The latest anthology of “The Best American Comics” series is a celebration of the comics language in its most natural and spontaneous forms. Edited by Bill Kartalopoulos with Jonathan Lethem, the book features works by Raymond Pettibon, Mat Brinkman, Ed Piskor, Joe Sacco, Jim Woodring and others

Best Comics of 2015 – Part Two

Second part of this feature about the best comics of 2015. This time I’m taking a look at long-form comics, from “Terror Assaulter: O.M.W.O.T.” by Benjamin Marra to “Colville” by Steven Gilbert, from “New Construction” by Sam Alden to “Sky In Stereo” by Mardou

Best comics of 2015 – Part one

From ”Generous Bosom” by Conor Stechschulte to Noah Van Sciver’s ”Blammo” and Joe Kessler’s “Windowpane”, this first part of the best comics I’ve read last year is focused on comic-books, series and anthologies

“Toxic Psycho Killer”. An introduction

The foreword and some pages from “Toxic Psycho Killer” by Paolo Massagli, published by Hollow Press. A woman wanders in space to exterminate a virus but she has to deal with monsters, tentacles, skulls and… Darkness

Talking about CAKE with Jeff Zwirek

The cartoonist and CAKE organizer Jeff Zwirek talks about the fifth edition of Chicago Alternative Comics Expo, scheduled for June 11th and 12th. Applications are open now up until November 30th

“The Meeting” by Andrea Chronopoulos

Just Indie Comics presents a complete comic by Andrea Chronopoulos, published as a comic book by Studio Pilar. Set in Washington, 1972, “The Meeting” mixes irony and paranoia. Includes a special appearance of Richard Nixon

First look at “Dog City” #4

A preview of the new issue of “Dog City”, an anthology where every comic is the result of a collaboration between two cartoonists, with works by Simon Reinhardt, Whit Taylor, Dan Rinylo, Sasha Steinberg, Luke Healy, Juan Fernández and many others

Just Indie Comics online shop is born

After the website, the shop: Just Indie Comics launches a new distro of comics by Antoine Cossé, Michael DeForge, Emily Carroll, Dash Shaw, Brecht Evens, Matt Madden, Gilbert Hernandez, Patrick Kyle, Anna Deflorian, Malachi Ward, Sam Alden, Killoffer and many others

“Irene” #6 preview

A preview of the new issue of “Irene”, the comics and art anthology edited by Andy Warner, dw, and Dakota McFadzean, with contributions by Marc Bell, Leif Goldberg, Luke Howard, Ben Juers, Sean Knickerbocker, Katie Parrish, Ben Passmore, Jackie Roche, Frøydis Sollid Simonsen, Tillie Walden and many others

Drawing in the sky – An interview with Mardou

“Sky In Stereo is a two part graphic novel about a teenager called Iris, her crummy job and school life and her slide into a mental breakdown. It sounds depressing but it’s not. There’s some good times along the way”. Mardou talks about her new book, out this month from Revival House Press